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A masonry chimney is constructed of a variety masonry and metal materials, including brick, mortar, concrete, concrete clock, stone, flue tile, steel and cast iron. All masonry chimneys contain combinations of, or possibly all these materials, most of which are adversely affected by direct contact with water or water penetration.


Water penetration can cause interior and exterior damage to your home and masonry chimney including:

• Rusted damper assemblies

• Deteriorated metal or masonry firebox assemblies

• Rusted fireplace accessories and glass doors

• Rotting adjacent wood and ruined wall coverings

• Water stained walls and ceiling

• Clogged clean out area

• Deteriorated central heating system

• Stained chimney exterior

• Decayed exterior mortar

• Cracked flue lining system

• Collapsed hearth support

• Tilted or collapsed chimney structure

• Chimney settlement




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Helping you avoid chimney fires

Fires can cause just as much if not more damage to not only chimney, but your home. When chimney fires occur in masonry chimneys, the high temperatures at which they burn can melt mortar, crack tiles, cause liners to collapse and damage the outer masonry material. Most often, tiles crack and mortar is displaced which provides a pathway for flames to reach the combustible wood frame of the house. One chimney fire may not harm a home. A second can burn it down.  


Nine Signs that you’ve had a Chimney Fire:

• Puffy, creosote, with rainbow colored streaks that has expanded beyond creosote’s normal form

• Warped Metal of the damper, metal smoke chamber connector pipe or factory built metal chimney

• Cracked or collapsed flue tiles, or tiles with large chunks missing

• Discolored and/or distorted rain cap

• Heat-damaged TV antenna attached to the chimney

• Creosote flakes and pieces found on the roof or ground

• Roofing material damaged from hot creosote

• Cracks in exterior masonry

• Evidence of smoke escaping through mortar joints or masonry or tile liners


Chimney Sweep’s CSIA trained and certified technicians will come out and inspect your chimney to locate the problem and provide you with cost efficient solutions to fix the issue before any further damage is incurred. Call today!  


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